Are we on rails, or what?
Ted Mack and Sudjai passing the Beaver meadows in Robinwood Park. There are places on this line where the grass grows as high as a railbiker's eye - almost!

Now you can see why I have that cow-catcher on the Front Wheel Guide, plus all that ground clearance.

This is the RR crossing in front of my home.
This bike is an earlier version of the current model.

Paul Bentley - 83 year young RAILBIKER.
Paul Bentley, in his 80's, just returning from a solo trip up the Adirondack Railroad.

Despite what it looks like, this is NOT a used bike lot.
A roundup of my four bikes in 1995.

The bike folds up so he can take it on the plane.
Meet Arne Nilsson,
Swedish railbiker,
on a visit to Mount Arab.

Sudjai, Susanna Nilsson, Arne, and Dick before heading south to Horseshoe and the Bog River.

Bog River bridge on an early fall day.
Sudjai, Dick in the rear, and Arne at the Bog River bridge.

Another picture with the bikes?  Get used to it!
Paul Bentley, Susanna, Arne, David, Justin Philippi, and Dick standing for the obligatory group photo.

Pretty neat gagdet, hey!
David with Chris,
our Fresh Air friend.

I could ride this all the way back to the city.
Chris, checking out the feel.

It sure beats playing computer games!
David and guests, heading south.

Guess what all those cans are for.
Every spring we try to clean up what the snowmobilers have left lying along the right of way.

David's brought back quite a haul.

It's 'really' a railbike Christmas tree.
It seems like we never go out prepared for this. The idea strikes us when we are about 3 miles down the line. And, you cannot carry all those cans in your pockets. However, a little railbiker ingenuity gets the job done.

I tie the bikes together, and pull them all across at one time.
Seems like I am always hauling bikes across the washout.

Here we go again.
What do you mean, 'stop and smile for the camera'?

Boy, will she have stories to take back to Thailand.
Oom returning to
Mount Arab.

Don't lean my way Kwang, or you'll end up in the ditch.
Dick, Paul, Kwang, and Oom

Gee, it goes along so easy!
Kwang, Oom, Dick, and Paul

I've got to have one of these!
Nephew Lek railbiking for the first time.

What are we waiting for?
Almost ready to go.

How do you like my 'railroad' cap?
Guests giving it a try.

That darn wash again?
Once more, crossing the washout.

Posing for the camera.
A guest going for a ride.

It's fun no matter which way you're going.
Now he's hitching a ride back.

I know I put it in here somewhere!
This one must have slipped out of the RAILBIKE ADVENTURE pile.

Railbiking & grinning are one and the same!
Noy, out for a spin.

Why is Sudjai always in the lead?
Summer 2001.
Sudjai in the lead, followed by Dick. Next, Ken Wright in the red shirt with Richard Smart bringing up in the rear.

Dick is standing behind Sudjai's bike.  
        Note the rear wheel guide.
A railbiking trip on the D&H. Dick Bentley is poised in the middle of the trestle crossing the Hudson River.

This is brother Thai's first railbike ride.
Sudjai followed by her brothers Tep and Thai Ngamhuy. Dick is trailing the pack, and Paul Bentley is watching us off.

Notice the larger 'outrigger' wheels I am using lately.
Sudjai and her brothers riding off into the autumn sunset.

The parrot seems to be enjoying the ride.
Sudjai and friend at Hobofest in Saranac Lake 2013.

The following pictures are a few I've borrowed from the Web.

Think I can make it through the Chunnel?
This is a Dick Smart RAILCYCLE in use by the London Underground Railroad.

This daredevil tight wire rider is Ken Wright on a Richard Smart Railcycle.

(Photo by Richard Smart.)

Guaranteed to stay on the track!
This is one of Michael Rohde's bikes.

Also guaranteed to stay on the track!
For you antique lovers, here's an oldie.

There were genuine railbikes of this period, but this is not actually a railbike. It is a 3-wheeled handcar, and rather heavy. A neighbor who lives just down the road has one of these stored in his shed.

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